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Are you willing to accept a DEFAULT outcome or do you wish to have a say in DEFINING the outcome?
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What Exactly is Business Coaching?
Do I really need it?

Coaching Basics

It’s lonely at the top! Typically, there is no one in the orbit of a CEO/Owner that can be totally objective; not their spouse, not their best friends, nor their top lieutenants. I’m an objective sounding board that’s focused on your success first, foremost, and always. That presents you the unique opportunity to express thoughts, concerns, and dreams without sending a ripple effect through the company or the household. Also, who’s holding you accountable? The answer is probably no one. I can help hold YOU accountable to YOU. I will keep you moving forward and checking things off that to do list.

Do You Need A Business Coach

Nobody really needs a business coach. They don’t!

There is a default outcome that will take place if you do nothing.

However, if you have a desire to get better and a willingness to do the work, you can define the outcome.

That might look like better work/life balance, better customers, or more engaged employees.

With a little coaching the possibilities are endless!

What I Can Help You With





My Approach to Coaching

I believe in one-on-one in person coaching.* To me, there is nothing more powerful than you and I sitting across from each other discussing your business. In my opinion it’s where the magic happens. I realize that in a world where most coaching is done remotely, it limits my opportunities. I have and can coach remotely; it’s just not my preferred recipe for success.

*Due to COVID-19, at this time I am currently offering one-on-one online virtual coaching sessions for everyone’s safety.

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Some Words From Our Clients

I contacted Steve at a time when I had been promoted from Executive Vice President to President of a company where I had been employed for more than 25 years. Though I had been filling that position for some time, I felt the awesome responsibility of the new title. Steve’s coaching helped me to put things in perspective and develop a plan and create goals to implement those plans. In the beginning, my plan consisted of a long list of ideas and goals. Steve was able to direct me to consolidate that list into three manageable goals. During our one to one sessions Steve skillfully coached, prodded, and guided me to successfully attain each goal on my new list. Steve had the ability to lead me to resolution on my goals without solving them for me and always had knowledge on additional resources that might help me when I was stuck. He does his homework to deliver the best advice though it was always delivered in such a way as to allow me to discover the solutions for myself. I have been in my current position for two years, and I continue to reflect and use the processes Steve gave me through his coaching. I highly recommend Steve to coach anyone at any position, especially if it involves developing a plan and setting goals.
Deborah Kelly

President, Tool Pro

Steve and I met for several months for the purpose of improving our business. He helped me determine a path for taking my business to the next level and coached me in sticking to that plan every week. He helped me set up processes to streamline certain parts of my business making it easier for our customers to do business with us. We called it the “Easy Button.” Steve challenged me as a business owner to track our business progress so we would always see how our plans were playing out or where they needed adjusting to ensure we achieved our goals. Steve is a great person as well as a coach. I left every meeting feeling excited and motivated to work on my business.
Joseph Lord

Precision Group, Inc.

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