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At its core, business is business. We all believe our business and our issues are unique, right? Read my story to find out how I know that not to be true.

Steve Smith – My Story

I have belonged to a business executive group for the last nine years. Our businesses range from an international manufacturer to a doctor that does drug trials for big pharma, from a construction materials supplier to a software developer. Guess what? As different as our businesses are, we all have similar issues; underperforming employees, threatening competitors, human resource complexities, key hires, plans for an exit strategy and on and on. I bet you can relate!

For the past 20 years I have either been the CEO or owner of a small business. I have real world experience addressing the challenges of making payroll and managing employee issues. I have lost and gained customers big and small, battled competition, negotiated with banks for financing and maneuvered through legal disputes. I know what it is to walk a mile in the small business owner’s shoes.

I have also been on the receiving end of coaching. In 2008 my former business was caught in the middle of the financial crisis and housing bubble. I’ll be honest, it was nearly a knockout punch. Suddenly, what I had done for 30 years in my industry wasn’t working. And that’s when I reached out to the coaching community.

My coach turned my world upside down. We tried new and different ways of doing things; some worked, some didn’t, but mostly, he held ME accountable to ME. We rode out the storm that was the “Great Recession,” recovered and eventually sold that business in 2014.

My commitment is that I will help hold YOU accountable to YOU.

You will be amazed at the possibilities when that happens.

Why Work With Me?

Dedicated To You

Here’s what I liked best about my coaching experience. It was always all about me! What I needed, what I wanted, how it made me feel, what I wanted to do about it, how could I change it, etc. Nowhere else in my orbit of people and places and things was it all about me.

I was able to express ideas, concerns, and thoughts with my coach that I couldn’t share anywhere else. It was freeing and clarifying all at the same time. I was able to find my true north. I can provide that same environment for you and help you adjust your compass.

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Certified Professional Coach as certified by IPEC and in accordance with International Coaching Federation.


40 Years Small Business Experience

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